We are expanding our range of services to include the production of prefabricated roof trusses based on barbed plate technology. We use C-24 class certified wood for production. Trusses connected by barbed plates designed in the B.PRO system. B.PRO plates are characterized by high strength parameters. The use of roof trusses allows the construction of roofs with a span of up to 20 meters without intermediate supports. Objects where roof trusses are used are: sheds, warehouses, livestock buildings, industrial buildings, horse riding arenas, public buildings, single and multi-family residential buildings.
Designer / Constructor
M. Eng.
Kamil Smusz
+48 600 060
Technical and commercial advisor
Łukasz Pięta
+48 604 497
Short assembly time
Large spans
Avoiding the reinforced concrete ceiling
Money savings
Construction lightness