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We are experts in the construction of timber-framed houses, offering our clients full support from the design stage to project completion. We not only provide professional design and visualization but also offer comprehensive technical advice. Additionally, we have two sales points where our clients can purchase essential building materials and roofing solutions along with accessories. Our goal is to meet all the needs of our clients and provide them with the best solutions to make their dream of owning a home a reality.
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Since 2000, our company has specialized in timber frame construction, continually developing our expertise and knowledge. We draw inspiration from the advancement of modern technologies in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and our satisfaction comes from the fact that our clients can live in eco-friendly and cost-effective homes.
Our many years of experience allow us to gain an increasing number of satisfied clients and collaborators.
We design
We will prepare a professional 3D design for you.
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We build
We will build you the energy efficient home of your dreams and desires.
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We sell
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new section of the company.
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Our team
Junior Architect
Kacper Sasak
+48 698 616
Designer / Constructor
M. Eng.
Seweryn Smagacz
+48 606 135
Technical and commercial advisor
Marcin Janus
+48 608 201
Technical and commercial advisor
Łukasz Pięta
+48 604 497
Designer / Constructor
M. Eng.
Kamil Smusz
+48 600 060
Administration - Accounting
Monika Łączak
+48 604 241
Technical and commercial advisor / Jasło
Konrad Mosoń
+48 660 730
Technical and commercial advisor / Gorlice
Adrian Kalinowski
+48 606 647
Technical and commercial advisor / Slovakia
Milan Henisch
+421 904 119
Technical and commercial advisor / Czech Republic
František Nohavec
+420 728 380
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Our Team


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