Truth and Myths
Fast construction
The construction of a skeleton house takes only 3-4 months. Adding the finishing works, the Investor has a ready house after half a year. This is an alternative to standard brick construction, where the construction of a house extends over several years.
Healthy, breathable homes
Do not confuse the term ,,breathin'' with ,,leaking''. The main advantage of walls built in the ECO+ system is that they are diffusionally open. The water vapour is discharged outside the building through the successive wall layers. As a result, the wall structure is permanently protected against moisture and mould. Few people realize that it is a serious mistake to insulate walls with foamed polystyrene. This is one of the cheapest methods, but it gives the effect of so-called foil mesh and promotes the development of microorganisms and mould in wall partitions.
Houses built by our company can be boldly named ecological. STEICO products are made from renewable raw materials. Ecologists and defenders of our planet can choose this type of building with a clear conscience to live in harmony with nature.
Cheap maintenance
When building high-energy-efficient houses, we try to limit heat losses as much as possible. We install photovoltaics and electric underfloor heating. This solution reduces operating costs to a minimum. This has already been proven in the buildings we built. It has been documented that the annual cost of maintaining the house (about 140 m2) is closed in the amount of 1700 PLN.
Quickly heat up and lose heat
The use of STEICO isolation materials has made our homes highly energy-efficient. In cold weather, a thick layer of insulation ensures that heat loss is kept to a minimum. In summer, they offer ideal protection against heat due to their phase shift. The wall during the sunshine is a barrier against heat penetration into the room and gives off heat when the outside temperature is much lower.
''Leaky Houses''
We use high quality materials to insulate our homes. The external facade panel STEICO PROTECT also has wind insulation properties. The feather-and-groove profile ensures that the connection is airtight. From the inside we use active vapour check. When installing window frames, warm window sills are also installed, which in combination with special tapes allow to reduce thermal bridges to a minimum.
Houses for one generation
Today, high quality, certified materials are used to build a skeleton house. They are properly impregnated and protected against external factors. We can safely say that this is a house for generations. We draw on the experience of Canadians and builders in the United States, where in their countries some skeleton houses are used for up to 100 years.
Studies on various insulation qualities have shown that STEICO materials, although wood-based, do not burn with live fire. The attached video shows that during a fire test plate needs much more time to be destroyed than other materials.
Many people have the wrong idea that skeleton houses will be destroyed by the first better storm that comes. The skeleton of the house is assembled using a special fastening system. The foundations are fixed to the foundation with special anchors. The walls are rigidly connected to each other without any movement. When faced with the wind element, the building has a strength comparable to that of a brick building.
Ordinary construction and modern technology
Every year we spend hundreds of zlotys on coal, fuel oil and gas. We spend them only so that in the end all the accumulated heat will escape and with it our money. The Passive House AS company offers the construction of energy-saving and passive houses, which in a natural way help to reduce the costs associated with heating the house.
heating chart
Skeleton houses are built much faster than those in traditional technology. The building in developer condition is being constructed in just a few months. A building with wooden skeleton technology does not require seasoning, so it can be built even in winter.
heating chart
The benefits of building houses in this technology are many. From simple savings to the help of the planet.